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Using IBM Containers in a Hybrid Cloud


To be innovative is crucial for your business. But to be innovative your business needs to accelerate. Move quickly to migrate your B2B Collaboration solution to hybrid cloud with IBM Certified Containers.

If your business wants to modernise their applications and workloads, the hybrid cloud adoption can play an essential role. Organisations could streamline their operational processes and improve enterprise scalability by bridging the gap between on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures. The use of containerisation technology can be vital to an organisation’s success. Containers improve efficiencies when developing larger applications; when deployed in a hybrid cloud environment, they can significantly boost application performance, minimise operational costs, and streamline DevOps processes. Furthermore, with IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration certified containers, installation efforts can be reduced together with lower infrastructure and development costs.

IBM can help to modernise existing applications with an approach that considers the many factors unique to your environment, so you can move forward with confidence. Wherever your business is in the journey to the cloud, there is an IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration solution to meet your needs.

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