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IBM Sterling Order Management – Your tool to present a committed delivery promise

Brands with omnichannel fulfillment options can generate up to 30% more revenue by reducing lost sales while still building customer advocacy. IBM Sterling Order Management makes it possible for you to eliminate barriers to global inventory visibility and offer your customers options that will allow them to buy, pick up and return anywhere. Whether your customers are in store, on the web, or on a mobile device, they can seamlessly traverse channels throughout all phases of the order lifecycle. 

IBM Sterling Order Management helps transform businesses with an advanced order management platform that provides centralised, real-time visibility into, and management of, inventory, orders and fulfillment across the network. This solution augments existing systems to meet the demands of connected commerce. Sterling Order Management is offered as cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises (containers or traditional) solution models to enable flexible integration and accelerate your digital transformation. 

With IBM Sterling Order Management, the following order and fulfillment tasks can be completed: 

  • Manage orders across any, and all channels. 
  • Use inventory and service capacity details to schedule delivery and installations. 
  • Create and track purchase orders for linked purchase to order items. 
  • Use pro-active monitoring and exception management to raise alerts when something needs attention. 

This solution provides business user tools and e-commerce features for faster and easier store and site management. These tools can help you accelerate your time to market and help drive revenue growth. More features offered by IBM Sterling Order Management: 

  • Customer on-boarding processes. 
  • Rapid environment provisioning and deployment processes. 
  • Maintenance updates. 
  • Backup and disaster recovery services. 
  • Scalability support for unexpected burst capacity to deliver optimal performance during peak times. 
  • Infrastructure and performance built on established technology for B2C and B2B commerce. 
  • Always-available IBM SaaS support of infrastructure, operating systems, application servers, database, and software. 
  • Order management and global inventory visibility to give customers what they want, where, and when they want it. 

Trustlink can customise this solution for your business to optimal functionality, confidently take orders, say ‘yes’ more often and present a committed delivery promise.