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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct – Your leading solution for secure, point-to-point transfers

Reliable and secure file transfer is a growing need in organisations as digitalisation is fuelling a burst of data. Secure file movement must also ensure data delivery to the intended destination within the right time window, so the receiving application can process and act upon it consistently avoiding delays to an organisation’s critical business processes.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is designed from the ground up specifically for enterprise-class file transfer. It eliminates the need for manual intervention in data delivery, improving the productivity of an organisation’s IT department and the reliability of its business processes. The latest version of IBM Sterling Connect:Direct 6.1 has all the capabilities to move an organisation’s files with confidence and has been optimised for high-volume, assured delivery of data within and between enterprises, and provides script-based automation, scheduling and alert notifications for 24×7 unattended operations.

For a smarter way of managing MFT environments, also explore:

  • IBM Sterling Transformation Extender which enables an organisation to integrate industry-based customer, supplier and business partner transactions across the enterprise. This solution also supports hybrid cloud deployment through certified containers.
  • IBM Sterling Control Center Director makes it faster and easier to centrally update and configure IBM Sterling Connect:Direct nodes and also scale an organisation’s MFT environment.
  • IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor tracks the critical events across a B2B and MFT infrastructure which will improve operations, customer service and B2B governance of an organisation.
  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy secure access to an organisation’s network for trusted partners.
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway manage edge-based file transfers with a centralised gateway.