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Advanced edge security for multi-enterprise data exchanges with IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Moving data efficiently is a critical component for success in any business today. As leased lines give way to the benefits of the internet, so too comes the need for additional levels of security as trusted information comes in closer proximity to the public internet.

Malicious attacks put businesses at risk, every minute of every day. A breach of any kind undermines customer confidence and brand loyalty. This combined with more stringent regulatory compliance puts security as a top business priority.

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy is a DMZ-based application software proxy enabling secure and high-speed data movement over the internet. It provides increased perimeter security to protect the organisation’s trusted zone, as well as authentication services to prevent unauthorised access to its business-critical internal systems. It integrates with the organisation’s existing security infrastructure to meet security and audit requirements while also supporting compliance regulations and incorporating industry standards and best practices.

This multi-protocol enterprise solution protects an organisation from internet attacks and supports the growing trading partner community effortlessly. It provides operational continuity and improved performance with clustering for high availability and load balancing. In the end it reduces an organisation’s total cost of ownership.

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy might be your organisation’s next step. Read here for information: Article Link