Providing security, reliability and governance of your critical file transfers

55% of all system to system integration is accomplished via file transfer.

When files transfers fail, processes fail.

91% expect file transfers to become even more important over time, suggesting file transfer will continue to be critical to business growth.

More than 80% of companies do not have complete confidence in their organisation’s current Managed File Transfer infrastructure and aren’t sure their current MFT infrastructure can empower the business to innovate and deliver new products and services to the market more quickly.

7% Average percentage of FTP transfers that fail
It takes on average 31 min to troubleshoot and resolve an FTP transfer error
When FTP fails, your organization is grounded

MFT Explained

File transfers environments must adapt to the business needs for automation, consolidation and cloud architecture. Trustlink with IBM and other MFT solutions provides security, reliability and governance of your critical file transfers.

Typically there exist a strong use case for some sort of managed file transfer where organisations exchange information with business partners, such as their bankers. Security, stability, automation and visible audit trails are some of the motivating factors.

Adding more business partners and more back office systems increases the complexity of the environment and therefor also create the need for improved monitoring and overall governance.

The speed to on-board business partners and the cost to maintain connectivity is more prominent now than before. Business partners require a model where there is more flexibility in the way that they exchange information. A multi-protocol and secure file gateway serve as foundation for a strategy this is built around faster on-boarding, which is less costly and disruptive to set-up and maintain.

The need to automate all file transfers also extend to automation of file and data transformation. Manual approaches to transformation and integration consume human resources and normally takes up time.

Ownership, maintenance and support of the managed file transfer environment has to adapt to best practices and trends around cloud computing. The business need is that of a service, reliable and not costly.

Automation . Consolidation . Cloud Architecture


Critical Business benefits that will result from modernising the MFT infrastructure will include:

  • Improved Security
  • Greater Ease of Management
  • Improved Governance and Compliance

Why is managed file transfer important?

Companies rely on the exchange of electronic file data every day. According to a study, 51 % of system-to-system integration is achieved through file transfers. Without MFT software, unstructured data, everything from reports, contracts and project data, to customer and employee information is open to manipulation and loss. The efficient movement of files between internal systems and external partners, securely and with an audit trail, is critical to an organization’s success.


About Us

Trustlink’s vision is to be the preferred advisor for business in Africa in their Digital Transformation journey. Preferred partner of several leading international technology solution providers.

Data flows and the governance of data including management, monitoring, policy and security.

Offers its solutions on a subscription – Software as a Service (SAAS) – or on an ownership and on-premises installation basis. Our subscription service is enabled through our certified hosted service infrastructure and provides significant cost-efficiencies that result from economies of scale.

More than 15 years experience in the Integration and Managed file transfer environment.

Trustlink’s professional services team are trained and, where applicable, certified by our partners to undertake the installation and customisation of their solutions.

Help-desk service that is operated in line with service level agreements. The service is used to log and trace all incidents and service requests.

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